Out- Patients Department


For screening, consulting and refer patients to the doctor

To ensure patients are attended and referred to the relevant OPD clinics and other departments without delays.


Applies to all cold cases (non emergency ) patients, who are referred from local municipal clinics, private doctors or surrounding district hospitals, provincial hospital from Mashonaland East and surrounding district farms.

  1. Depending with the condition a patient may be attended to and treated with no referral .

Preparation Activity

  • Ensure all clients have OPD books stamped by the clerk and are given receipts if paying
  • Ensure adequate and availability of the following:
  • A desk for monitoring vital observations with working sphygmomanometer,stethoscope for blood pressure checks
  • Thermometers and spritted cotton swabs for body temperature checks
  • Bathroom and hanging scales for checking weight
  • OPD registers for recording demographic data and presenting history
  • Laboratory and X-ray request forms


  • Screen patients into main OPD clinics as follows
  • Staff clinic for all employees who work at the hospital
  • Pediatric clinic for children below 12 years
  • Geriatric clinic for adults above 65 years
  • Refer patients to treatment room if they are laboratory and x-ray investigations requests, stat doses of medication, dressing or admission
  • Make a provisional diagniosis and manage appropriately
  • Take history of patients illness and complaints
  • Counsel the patient
  • Allow all patients to leave treatment room if they are Laboratory and x-ray investigation requests,stat doses of medication dressing or admission.


OPD Registers

  • Payment Methods

    We accept the following payment options: CASH/ ECOCASH/ TELECASH/ RTGS/ POS (SWIPE)
  • Our Stakeholders

    Nurses Council of Zimbabwe; Standards Association of Zimbabwe and Health Professions Council; Medical Laboratory Scientists and Technicians Council; Allied Health Professionals; Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe; and Environmental Management Agency.
  • Visiting Hours

    • Morning Visit
      06.00 - 07.00
    • Afternoon Visit
      13.00 - 14.00
    • Evening Visit
      18.00 - 19.00

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