Annex Department

Admission criteria

Admission is open to anyone with infectious condition e.g Typhoid   , PTB, Measles regardless of gender creed and race.


  • Isolation of patients e.g PTB
  • Use of protective clothing
  • Colour coding of maps e.g red meaning high infections and green meaning less infections

TB unite


Filling in notification forms and TB OPD card

Giving health education to all TB patients on nutrition, infection control and taking drugs (dots)

Educate clients on sputum examination

Weekly TB Reviews

  • Record all patients attending TB clinic
  • Asses and screen patients for X ray
  • Assess patients for the doctor
  • Communicate with Chitungwiza Town Council TB Co-coordinator

Data Compilation

  • Compile monthly (statistics) reports
  • Compile reports quarterly
  • Compile annual reports
  • Follow up sputum results and notification forms

Liaise with other departments for smooth management of TB (Medical Wards,OPD, Casuality and Health Information services -records

  • Payment Methods

    We accept the following payment options: CASH/ ECOCASH/ TELECASH/ RTGS/ POS (SWIPE)
  • Our Stakeholders

    Nurses Council of Zimbabwe; Standards Association of Zimbabwe and Health Professions Council; Medical Laboratory Scientists and Technicians Council; Allied Health Professionals; Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe; and Environmental Management Agency.
  • Visiting Hours

    • Morning Visit
      06.00 - 07.00
    • Afternoon Visit
      13.00 - 14.00
    • Evening Visit
      18.00 - 19.00

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